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Info: Mindoro-engl

Mindoro - Info

Mindoro - Info

Mindoro (from Wikipedia, the free enzyclopaeda) Mindoro is an island of the island group Luzon which forms the island state of the Philippines together with other both groups Visayas in the centre and Mindanao in the south. Mindoro is whith a surface of 10.244,50 km² the seventh largest island of the archipelago and accommodates according to the census from 2000 = 1.300.340 inhabitants. Mindoro is a nature paradise and holiday paradise, divers from the whole world make a pilgrimage to Mindoro, the rich animal and plant life in fishing and corals in the clear ocean is unforgettable guaranteed.


Mindoro if separated in an eastern and a western part (Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro).Oriental Mindoro is composed from 14 Municipalities and the capital of Calapan city. The Municipalities are: Baco, Bansud, Bongabong, Bulalacao, Naujan, Mansalay, Pinamalayan, Pola, Puerto Galera, Roxas, San Teodoro, Socorro und Victoria Gloria. It is spoken primarily Tagalog and English.The wonderful mountain world Mindoros, with huge mountain massifs and nebulous woods is the native contry of rare botanical species and animal species and the living space of the Mangyan (native). Tropical treasures, like ancient trees which are covered whith numerous Epiphyten, orchids and climbing plants line the paths through the jungle which lead to the summits of the high mountains.

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