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Mindoro -Puerto Galera -White Beach -White Stone Resort

Mindoro - Oriental.In the north and in the east situated province with the nicest natural landscapes of the Philippines.Many lonesome beaches, sometimes white, somtimes beige. The mountainous covers with wonderful mountain rainforest.

Mabuhay - Welcome

White Beach - San Isidro .The six kilometres to the west of Poerto Galera situated place is with his wide white beach perfectly for the sunbathing, schwimming, snorkels and relaxing. Here yoou can spend the day in one of the nice beach bars or a restaurant.

White Stone Resort - Dreamholidays enjoy.3 minutes to the beach "White Beach". Swimming, to snorkels, diving, fishing, excursions, walking, Beachparty and a lot more ......

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Puerto Galera.One of the nicest nature harbours of the world, also called pearl of Mindoro . Their very varied coral reefs are famous. Coastral region with many dreamlike bays, palms and white sandy beaches.

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